All Games Played at Frank Sinatra Park 
​and 1600 Park Ave

Summer Season to Start JULY 13!!!


CO-ED - REC  CO-ED -USA League MEN'S League - REC
Sachi FC 10th and Willow F.C. Team Beck
Narwhals FC Las Tortugas Inter Hoboken
Not fast just furious B&B Keith FC
Co-Ed Individual Team 1 Net Six & Chill The Vigs
Co-Ed Individual Team 2 The Girls Plus Matt Covid Negative
Co-Ed Individual Team 3   Men's Individual Team 1
Shepherd and Knucklehead FC   Men's Individual Team 2
MEN'S League - USA North MEN'S League - USA South MEN'S League - World League
Ratpack O'Shins 7 FC Piast
JC milan Its-UC Hullford Chebs
Baggies FC Hudson FC No Pirlo No Party
Concede Early Hoboken Hombres J.R.C. United
Shuman Cries Watching This Is Us Emeralds FC Driftwood FC
  Washed Up Kings Arse ‘n’ all
    C.U. LLC
  O35 League   
  Right Angle FC  
  Anon United  
CO-ED Individual Team 1 CO-ED Individual Team 2 CO-ED Individual Team 3
Frank Favata - Keeper Keeper - Corrado DeSantis Keeper - Nora Eldasher
Gabrielle wolfson Elle Laub Michael Scigliano
Emily Przybyszewski Kate Gribbon Melissa Miller
Jenny Sitrin Courtney Weidner Eduardo Mil
Sean Glennon Ryan Fitzpatrick Nicholas Gentile
Ismaila Pasquier-Gueye William Dunkerley Laura Ortiz
Conor Campbell Matthew Cherry Juan Porley
Marco Alvarenga Americo Ponce Andrew O'Reilly
María Fernanda Marmolejo Hidalgo Claudio Jerez Mairead Rice
    Andrew Lazarus
    Dan Delaney
Men's  Individual Team 1 Men's  Individual Team 2  
Dexter Smith- Keeper Keeper: John Steyh  
Alex Demchick Ervinas Janavicius  
Rob Sampson Andrew Loreaux  
Adam Pollack eyal radoszkowicz  
Jacob Hess Marek Kowalczyk  
Dennis Gregory Doderer Alex Golik  
Americo Ponce alex cornejo  
Raed Ghaly Marcos mezzina  


The Hoboken Adult Soccer League 
Co-Ed, Men's and Over 35 Adult Soccer League

Hoboken Adult Soccer League

Teams and Individual Registrations are listed below