See below on how the league determined rankings for COED and MEN'S REC Leagues. 

For ALL multi-Division teams, the format is as follows:

*1st Place in each division ranked based on standings

* 2nd Place in each division ranked  based on standings

* 3rd Place in each division ranked based on standings 

*Standing Tie Breaker = Most Wins - Goals Against - Goal Difference - Coin Flip

​See Below

North 1st - Caleb School of Law Rank 2          
North 2nd - AC Soccer Players FC Rank 4          
North 3rd - Not Fast, Just Furious Rank 7 Rank 8th Still Tryn' vs 9th Frankie's Football Fanatics      
      Rank 1st - COED Individual Team 1 vs 8th / 9th Rank 1st/8th/9th vs 4th/5th    
South 1st - COED Individual Team 1 Rank 1          
South 2nd - Ferryman FC III Rank 6   Rank 4th AC Soccer Players FC vs 5th Queens Park Strangers Finals  
South 3rd - Frankie's Football Fanatics Rank 9          
      Rank 3rd Boozin' Benders FC vs 6th Ferryman FC III Rank 3rd/6th vs 2nd/7th    
East 1st - Boozin' Benders FC Rank 3          
East 2nd - Queens Park Strangers Rank 5   Rank 2nd Caleb School of Law vs 7th Not Fast, Just Furious    
East 3rd - Still Tryn' Rank 8          
COED - USA LEAGUE            
1st Place - New Friends            
2nd Place - Blue Destiny 1st - New Friends vs 4th Backyard FC        
3rd Place - SU Soccer     Finals      
4th Place - Backyard FC 2nd Blue Destiny vs. 3rd SU Soccer        
COED - WORLD LEAGUE            
1st Place - Ferryman FC II            
2nd Place - Net Six and Chill 1st - Ferryman FC II vs 4th - Soccer Mom's        
3rd Place - Melonheads     Finals      
4th Place - Soccer Mom's 2nd - Net Six and Chill vs. 3rd - Melonheads        
North 1st - Chocolate FC Rank 3          
North 2nd - JC Milan Rank 6   Rank 1st Hoboken Harry's vs 8th / 9th    
North 3rd - Pura Vida FC Rank 9 Rank 8th Stoke City vs 9th Pura Vida FC   Rank 1st/8th/9th vs 4th/5th    
      Rank 4th Marios & Lisas Calcio Hoboken vs 5th Klopp Tarts Finals  
South 1st - Hoboken Harry's Rank 1          
South 2nd - Marios & Lisas Calcio Hoboken Rank 4   Rank 3rd Chocolate FC vs 6th JC Milan    
South 3rd - Stoke City Rank 8     Rank 3rd/6th vs 2nd/7th    
      Rank 2nd Baggies FC vs 7th Topoken FC    
East 1st - Baggies FC Rank 2          
East 2nd - Klopp Tarts Rank 5          
East 3rd - Topoken FC Rank 7          
MEN'S USA DIV            
North 1st - JLV 1 Rank 1          
North 2nd - Pascack Ducks Rank 3 4th Ferryman FC vs 5th Class on Grass        
North 3rd - Unsanctioned Ultras Rank 6   1st JLV 1 vs 4th/5th      
    3rd Pascack Ducks vs 6th Unsanctioned Ultras   FINALS    
South 1st - Hudson Hound F.C. Rank 2          
South 2nd - Ferryman FC Rank 4   2nd Hudson Hounds vs 3rd/6th      
South 3rd - Class On Grass Rank 5          
1st Place - JLV 2            
2nd Place - CFC RED   1st JLV 2 vs 4th - BFC White        
3rd Place - CFC Black     Finals      
4th Place - BFC White   2nd - CFC RED vs. 3rd - CFC Black        
O35 REC LEAGUE Rank          
North 1st Team Hogan Rank 2          
North 2nd Right Angle Rank 3 4th FC Buzz vs 5th La Orange        
North 3rd La Orange Rank 5   1st JCFC vs 4th/5th      
    3rd Right Angle vs 6th Montevideo   FINALS    
South 1st JCFC Rank 1          
South 2nd FC Buzz Rank 4   2nd Team Hogan vs 3rd/6th      
South 3rd Montevideo Rank 6