Thursday 03/12 - 8pm Sinatra Park   Men's - Recreational League Championship Game - Inter Hoboken vs. Keith FC
Thursday 03/12 - 9pm Sinatra Park   Men's Champions League Semi Finals - Driftwood FC vs. 10th and Willow-Red
Monday 03/16 - 8:30 pm Sinatra Park North   Men's Champions League WEST (3rd place) 8 rank  FC MK vs EAST (3rd) 9 rank - Grand Dads
Monday 03/16 - 8:30 pm Sinatra Park South   Men's - Challenge League  Semi Finals -  Falcons Radburn vs. 1/8/9 - Peaked in High School
TBD   Men's Champions League NORTH (1st place )1 rank Kon Tiki vs 8/ 9 rank
TBD   Men's Champions League Semi Finals - Forza Calcio vs. 
    Over 35 Championship Game - Oldstarz F.C. vs. Kearny Scots 
TBD   CO-ED - Recreational League Championship Game - YPS vs.  Not Fast Just Furious
TBD   Men's - Challenge League  Championship Game - 10th & Willow - Yellow  vs. 
TBD   Men's - Champions League Championship Game

CO-ED - Recreational League  1st East - Narwhals F.C. vs 4th West - Beercelona FC   Semi Finals -  4th west -  Beercelona FC  VS.  
2nd West 
Not Fast Just Furous
  2nd West -Not Fast Just Furious vs 3rd East Individual Team 2            
              Championship Game
CO-ED - Recreational League  1st West - YPS vs 4th East - CO-ED Individual Team 1   Semi Finals - 1st West YPS VS. 
 2nd East -
Shepherd and Knucklehead 
      YPS vs 
  2nd East Shepherd and the Knuckleheads  vs 3rd West - The Girls Plus Matt            
CO-ED - Challenge League 1st  A Team Has No Name vs. 4th Cork City FC   Championship Game        
  2nd Las Tortugas vs 3rd Net-Six and Chill   Net-Six and Chill vs.        
      A Team Has No Name        
CO-ED - Champions League 1st - 10th & Willow Pink vs. 4th - Washed Up Athletes F.C.    Championship Game        
  2nd - Queens Park Raisins vs 3rd - Regal Unlimited   Queens Park Raisins Vs.        
Men's Recreational League - 1st East  KEITH FC vs 4 West - Pathetico Madrid   Semi Finals - 1st East/ 4th west  Keith FC vs.  2nd West / 3rd East - Victorious Secret FC        
  2nd West - Willow FC vs 3rd East - Victorious Secret FC            
              Championship Game
MEN's Recreational League  1st West- Inter Hoboken  vs 4 East - FC UK   Semi Finals - 1st West/ 4th East Inter Hoboken VS.  
2nd East / 3rd West -
      Inter Hoboken
  2nd East  JC United vs 3 West            
Men's - Challenge League  NORTH (3rd place) 8 rank JC Milan vs WEST (3rd place) 9 rank Peaked in High School   EAST (1st place ) 1 rank - Rat Pack vs 8/ 9 rank -  Peaked in High School   Winner vs.    
  WEST (2nd place) 6 rank Concede Early vs NORTH (4th place) 11rank - Hudson MetroStars   EAST (2nd place) 4 rank - Klopp Tarts vs. 5 / 12 rank - Falcons Radburn    Winner    
Men's - Challenge League              Championship Game
  NORTH (2nd place) 5 rank Falcons Radburn vs WEST (4th place) 12 rank - Knight's FC   WEST (1st place) 3 rank JC UNITED vs.  6 /11 rank - Concede Early   Winner Concede Early vs.    
Men's - Challenge League  EAST (3rd place) 7 rank - CASH  vs EAST (4th place) 10 rank - Baggies FC   NORTH (1st place) 2 rank 10th & Willow - Yellow vs
 7/ 10 rank -
 Baggies FC
Men's Champions League  WEST (3rd place) 8 rank  FC MK vs EAST (3rd) 9 rank - Grand Dads   NORTH (1st place )1 rank Kon Tiki vs 8/ 9 rank   Winner vs.    
  WEST (2nd place) 5 rank No Pirlo No Party vs EAST (4th) 12 rank - Forza Calcio   NORTH (2nd place) 4 rank G.R.F.C vs. 5/ 12 rank Forza Calco   Winner Forza Calco    
Men's Champions League             Championship Game
  NORTH (3rd place) 7 rank Shloppy Donkeys vs NORTH (4th) 10 rank - 10th and Willow-Red   WEST (1st place) 2 rank GDP FC vs 7/ 10 rank 10th and Wilow Red   Winner vs.    
Men's Champions League EAST (2nd place) 6 rank  Pot O' Goals vs WEST (4th) 11 rank Hoboken Hombres   EAST (1st place) 3 rank - Driftwood FC vs.  6 /11 rank - Pot of Goals   Winner DriftWood FC     
Over 35 - East 1st East  Right Angle vs 4 West Kearny Scots   Semi Finals - 1st East/ 4th west Kearny Scots  VS.
 2nd West / 3rd East
  2nd West Valencia  vs 3rd East Team Hogan             
              Championship Game
Over 35 - West 1st West  Oldstarz F.C.  vs 4 East - Dirty Old Men   Semi Finals - 1st West/ 4th East - Oldstarz F.C. VS. 
Buzzworthy Studio
      Buzzworthy Studios
  2nd East  JC Hammers vs 3 West - Buzzworthy Studio